Our Mission, Vision and Aims

2016 - 2017

Thank you to all children, parents, staff and governors who contributed to our new mission statement, vision and aims.  Our new mission, vision and aims will be the foundation and guide for all future school evaluations and improvement.

Mission Statement

Inspire, Challenge, Achieve



At Griffithstown Primary School, excellent teaching ensures that all learning is inspirational and challenging. We are a happy, safe and nurturing school, with excellent behaviour, attendance and punctuality. The opinions of children, parents, staff, governors, the community and other organisations are listened to and acted on in all aspects of school evaluation and improvement. Children develop and apply excellent literacy and numeracy skills across the whole curriculum; we are adaptable lifelong learners. Pupils make healthy choices and have active bodies and minds. Griffithstown Primary School is committed to equality and inclusion, and no one is disadvantaged by social or economic factors. Griffithstown Primary embraces the Welsh language and the heritage of Wales. We understand the diversity of modern Wales and our place in the wider world. Pupils understand the environmental challenges and are prepared for the technological opportunities of the 21st century.

We will:

  • Set aspirational targets and celebrate achievements through self review in partnership with children, staff and parents, governors and the wider community.
  • Plan schemes of work that are challenging and linked to statutory orders, including the Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)
  • Ensure meaningful opportunities to develop our knowledge and understanding of Welsh language, Welsh culture and diversity in our modern country.
  • Ensure that school prepares children for the 21st century: developing ICT skills, environmental awareness, and promoting a commitment to health / well being in all aspects of life
  • Develop spiritual awareness, mutual respect, and promote inclusion and equal opportunities through the Strategic Equality Plan (SEP)
  • Work enthusiastically with other schools, service providers, outside agencies and all other bodies and organisations to deliver excellent standards of achievement, behaviour, attendance and punctuality
  • Develop the professional skills and leadership qualities of all staff through a programme of continuous professional development.